How to Write a Well-Written Essay

homework writing

Writing an essay often seems to be a challenge for most students. Depending on the type of essays you are tackling, it is crucial to ensure you know the ideal writing tips you should consider. However, when in college, you will be asked to write various essays based on your course. Research and identify the recommended steps you need to follow to write a high-quality paper.

It is essential to understand that a well-written essay should comprise an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure you read the instructions to know other steps you should consider when writing an essay. You need to understand that you will not write a quality essay without thorough research in this process. Here are the best essay writing tips you should consider.

Choose a Topic

In most cases, when you are writing an essay, you will be asked to choose your favorite topic. But in a situation where you are provided with the title, you should take your time and know an ideal topic you should select. When choosing a topic, ensure you think about the type of paper you intend to produce. But ensure you pick a title that is relevant to your essay.

Create an Essay Outline

essay writingOne of the vital factors you need to consider when writing an essay is drafting an essay outline. It is the first starting point that can help you identify essential issues based on your essay topic. You need to understand that your outline should help you gather the required info based on the instructions offered.

When you are preparing your outline, you are organizing your thoughts. In other words, take what is in your head and put it on paper. You need to understand that an outline should include all the ideas you will discuss in your essay.

Write the Essay

writingAfter you have prepared your outline, it’s time to write your essay. As stated at the start of the post, an article should have an introductory part, the body, and the conclusion section. Therefore, ensure that your paper has all the areas needed. After you have written your article, ensure you correct the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Proofread Your Work

Aside from checking grammar and spelling mistakes, it is advisable to proofread your work. It is one of the mistakes that most students commit, and this leads to failure in exams. You can use modern proofreading tools to edit your work. Make sure you submit a well-written essay with no grammar and spelling mistakes.…

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Top Homework Challenges Encountered by Finance Students

finance assignmentFinance course revolves around the concept of money creation and management as well as utilization of funds in corporate, public, and personal spheres. Students taking the course have to do homework regularly. Homework is one of the ways through which the tutors determine a student’s progress and understanding of the lectures. Many finance students do find homework to be quite challenging due to a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons are highlighted below.

The Assignments Are Too Many

Given how broad the finance course is, the number of assignments that the students have to do is high. The volume of each assignment may also be overwhelming to some students. If you are to complete the course, you have no option but to always deal with the overwhelming assignments. One effective solution is to make use of homework help services whenever the assignments become too much for you to handle.

Finding Information Is Difficult

There are times when the information you need to do your homework cannot be found easily from common resources such as books and the internet. This makes it quite challenging to complete your homework and get good grades on it. For example, you might have to conduct research in a bid to find out the information that you need, but not be in a position to do the research effectively. Professional assignment assistants can help you handle such a problem.

Poor Time Management

Another challenge that finance students usually deal with when it comes to doing assignments is poor time management. Without proper management of time, you are likely to end up struggling each night and falling behind in your semester. The solution is developing and sticking to a productive time plan and avoiding procrastination.


There are chances that you will face many distractions from friends or family members, depending on where you opt to do your homework. Distractions can also come from the television, phone, radio, or the internet, among others. It is up to you as a student to find a place that has minimal or no distractions, from where you can do your homework.

Getting Boredtired student

The chances are that you do not like doing assignments, especially when there are many other fun activities that you can engage in. Having to work on assignments each night might also become a tedious routine that affects your mental health.


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Tips for Veterans Applying for Civilian Jobs


Transitioning into civilian life from military life can be challenging. Finding employment might be difficult. If you’re a veteran seeking employment, then check out Read on to obtain tips for applying for jobs if you’re a veteran.

Begin by Browsing the Internet

For starters, you need to utilize the internet to look for job vacancies. All you need is to look for recruitment firms that offer jobs for veterans. In most cases, these recruitment firms offer security-related jobs. Therefore, you should get in touch with them if you want to land a job that is still inline to the military.

online application

If you want to fully transition to becoming a civilian, these companies can also help you land employment in industries such as business process outsourcing or tourism.

Make Sure You Have a Relevant Resume

During the interview process, hiring managers or recruiters will scrutinize your resume. They might not hire you Even if you do good during the interview if they do not see anything relevant on your resume. Therefore, work on your resume. For instance, if you’re applying as a sales representative, then make sure that your skills, as well as accomplishments, have something to do with being a sales representative.

On the other hand, you might have a relevant resume, but you fail to impress the hiring manager or the recruiter during the interview process. Therefore, spend some time practicing for the interview. As much as possible, let go of the practices that you’re used to doing when you’re still in the service. For instance, avoid using terms or jargons that only military personnel understand.

Moreover, interact with the interviewer. Remember that you’re no longer in the service where you’re only expected to give close-ended answers.

Invest in Getting Certifications or Degrees

Lastly, it will help you a lot if you acquire certifications or a degree. Keep in mind that landing employment is very challenging these days because of the high number of applicants. Therefore, you need to have an edge over other applicants. If you’re applying as security personnel, then you will surely have an advantage given the fact that you’re a former military member.

working on documents

However, other applicants might have the advantage over you if you decide to apply to other industries such as banking or sales. Therefore, invest in getting certifications. For instance, enroll in some short courses for real estate agents if you aim to become a realtor someday. Moreover, employers usually require certificates before even considering an applicant. For instance, you cannot work as an electrician if you have not undergone certification for electricians.…

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Impulse and Momentum

You can know what is impulse and its applications by visiting this site. Impulse is the change in momentum that occurs when a force is applied to a moving or a stationary body. Newton’s second law of motion governs the relationship between the change on velocity and the force applied on a body. Impulse is created when a force is applied to an object. It is a product of force act in a certain direction and time.

Mathematical Expression of Impulse

It is a vector quantity because force acts in a certain direction. Its SI unit is Newton-second (Ns). Impulse is one of the important qualities of physics. People use it when solving certain problems in physics. Physicians use both impulse and momentum to calculate collision problems. A good example of impulse is when a cue strikes the pool ball. Both the cue and the ball are in contact for a short period, a millisecond, but the result is observable. This quantity is directly related to momentum.

Impulse-Momentum Theorem

According to this theorem, Impulse is equal to the rate of change of momentum. Ft=(M(v-u))/t
Ḟ Δt =m Δv, Where v and u are the final and initial velocities respectively. M is the mass of the object on which the force is applied. If the mass of the object is changing,
F dt= m dv + v dm, This is equivalent to the force of law, Newton’s second law of motion. The SI unit for momentum is kilogram meter per sec (Kg m/s).

Applications of Impulse

  • A vehicle can travel smoothly even when the road is uneven because its shock absorbers are capable of reducing force. This is done by increasing the time of impulse.
  • A person receives more injuries when he/she falls from a raised ground than falling on a heap of sawdust. This is because sawdust is capable of absorbing shock or impulse of force.
  • Cricket players have to lower their hands while catching the ball. It is by so doing that the impact of force is reduced. Increasing the time of impact is an effective way of decreasing the effect of force on the ball.
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Five Factors to Choose the Best It Training Course

learning IT course

If you are in an IT related line of work, then you must ensure that you keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Whether its learning new tricks or solidifying existing knowledge its advisable to take your time and complete one or several IT training courses. The IT world has become extremely competitive and IT specialists know that continuing their education and widening their knowledge will boost their reputation. Keep the factors as presented below in mind when choosing IT training courses to further your career.


Research before deciding to pursue an IT training course. If you don’t know anyone that has completed the course that you can seek advice from you can visit online platforms for the advice that you need. The knowledge that you get will help you to realize which course will give you the competitive edge than the other. The right IT training courses will depend on your objectives, desires, money and time restrictions.


Pick an IT training institution that is flexible enough to fit your requirements. You have to know when you will want to do your studies every day so that you pick a course that you can complete without much struggle. If you have a busy schedule or lack finances, then you can consider part-time or distance learning IT training courses. Part-time or online IT training courses will lower your financial burden and offer you multiple payment options that work in your favor.


If you are doing an online IT training course, then ensure that the institution that you enroll in is fully accredited. It is a grand idea to enroll in licensed IT training classes because you don’t want to give your hard earned cash to fraudsters. If you attend unlicensed IT training classes, then your papers might be rejected by an employer when you are hunting for a job. Yes, you heard me right!


No matter how advanced the course is, the cost factor will determine whether you will qualify for it or not. Check from two or three of the institutions that you have shortlisted to get more information about the rates. Ensure that you go for an institution that offers value for the cash that you pay.

Learn Online

Gone are the heydays when you had to attend traditional IT training classes. For this reason, people are given a chance to do their studies even from the comfort of their homes. Besides, online IT Training Courses provide you with the flexibility that you need and lots of free resources.

The decisions that you make throughout your IT career will determine the quality of life that you live. When thinking about taking your career to the next level, you should only make wise decisions. Taking an online IT training course is a great way to get a competitive edge over your workmates. The courses will make you stand out from the crowd and help you to achieve your career goals. Keep the factors as discussed above to make a rational decision when selecting an IT training course.



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How to Identify a Good Co-Working Space

creative co-working space

Co-working spaces are the best for entrepreneurs. If you have just started your business and you cannot afford an entire office block, a co-working space is ideal. A co-working space allows you to feel like you are in an office without spending much.

Working from home is now a trend, but it is not ideal for everyone. You need to have space that is professional. It is essential to have a place where clients can come to see you. In big cities like London, a good co-working space is better than renting an office. A co-working space is also good for networking and meeting new people.

Furniture and Supplies

When looking for a co-working space, it is important to check out the furniture and supplies. The co-working space should have good and comfortable furniture. You will need a decent table and chair for comfortable working.

They should also provide a storage area where you can keep all your files and paperwork. It is also important for the co-working space to have a conference room where you can host meetings with your staff or even meet clients. These are the basic features that a good co-working space should have.

Work Environment

The working environment is important when choosing a co-working space. You need to select an area with a good and comfortable working area. For instance, the seat arrangement plays a huge role in productivity and mood of the people in the environment.

The co-working space should feel relaxing and open for everyone to work. It is also important a place where you can relax and unwind. There are areas where people can play games and even take coffee breaks to rejuvenate.

Working Hours

A good co-working space should have flexible working hours. Some people prefer to work at night while others love to work during the day. The workspace should be able to fit into your working schedule. Most of the spaces are open 24 hours a day, and this is ideal if you want to work at any time.

co-working space


Security is an important aspect in any working environment. You need to be sure that safety will be guaranteed when working on your project. In case you want to leave some valuables behind when going home, you need to be sure that they are safe. Security should be a top priority when looking for a working space.…

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How to Find a Good School for Your Child

kids in school

Providing quality education is one of the many things that good parents wish to do for their children. This way, their children are getting a head start in life. Not to mention that the future belongs to them and they need to make the most out of all the resources that are bestowed upon them. Quality schooling always has its way of molding our children and training them.

It reaches out to the children and brings out the hidden talents that no one had a clue about. However, the real problem occurs when there are plenty to choose from, and the parents end up getting confused. Since there is a solution to every problem, this one is not an exception. There are features and qualities that you must consider as a parent. They will lead you to the ultimate learning institution for your child.

Years of Existence

one on one teachingThis is a pillar that you can rely upon for all the academic endeavors of your child. A school that’s been around for the longest time already knows what your child needs. It means that the administration has handled many different cases and your child will be in the right hands.

Let’s not forget that they are all-rounded and are willing to bring out the best in your child. After having served in the field of education all those years, nothing proves to be a challenge to them including children with unruly behavior.

Finding such schools is not as challenging as most people would put it. On the contrary, there are plenty of ways in which you can locate them.

All-Rounded Transformation

As soon as you locate a school that has been serving for long, dig deeper and find out more about their vision and goals as an institution. Their focus should be on the transformation of your child in every way. After all, this is among the top reasons you want nothing but the very best education for your child.

This starts from the basics all the way to the hidden talents that we had mentioned earlier. Most of the schools in question always have their professional way of reaching out to the little ones.

This way, they are left with no option but to be the very best versions of themselves. This kind of transformation gives you the motivation you need as a parent.

Affordable Tuition

cash for schoolWe all know of schools that cause parents to have sleepless nights simply by the kind of fee structures they process. Some of them come out too strong, and some parents are left with no option but to comply.

On the bright side, some schools offer affordable tuition that every parent can access. At the same time, such schools offer quality training in every way. Tough as it might be for some of us to locate them, they are well established and are not too difficult to come across. On the other hand, you must be financially organized as a parent in order for you to meet the educational needs of your child.






















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Hacks for University Students


Later on in life, you would probably say that university was the best time of your life, but you will only feel that way after you graduated. While you are still in it though, it is a different story. It can be very stressful to juggle between classes, paperwork, group assignments, social life, and everything in between. Especially when you are in your third and final year when the subject is harder, you are busy with your final project. Not to mention if the lecturer is one of those teachers that won’t rest until you pass out from the amount of paper that you have because they simply do not care. Sometimes it is really hard to stay on track and not quit.

But there is a way that you can survive college without losing your sanity, here is some knowledge that can help you to get through this semester without fail.

Research paper

PCThere is just too many of them, and you can’t possibly finish it all in time. Even if you only have one at the moment, a research paper takes so much effort and time when there are better things to do. For example, catching up all the sleep that you need, eating three times a day, and attending clubs to gain more knowledge and get more friends. If I were you, I would let someone else write a research paper for me so I can use my time for something else.

Study group

groupAnyone can benefit from joining the study group. You will make it easier to understand and study when you gather with other people with the intention to study a subject. With a friend, you may feel more free to ask any questions without having to be embarrassed, and if you ever get the chance to teach someone else what you know, that is one of the best ways to study.

Be present

No matter how lazy you are, you will be glad that you attended almost every class on the subject when the exam day arrived. What makes it hard for people to cram and pull an all-nighter is you will have to absorb too many information at once. Just being present and listening to what the lecturer says throughout the class will make you familiar with every chapter so when you study, all you need is to refresh your memory and there is less work to do.…

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Self-preparation before joining a driving course

good driving course

The skill for driving is vital for urban life. Even if you have not bought a car, but you are planning to, learning to drive earlier will do you more good. Being able to drive also can support your career since you will get more mobile and helpful.

Self-taught or joining a course?

drive TrainingThis common question when faced with an option whether to learn driving from close-relative, friends, or from a driving course; one thing is for sure, you will get driving certification from a driving course. Besides, the knowledge taught in the course is technical and methodical. Also, you prevent your friend’s car, or your relative’s, from having an unnecessary accident.

But it does not mean you have to rely on your instructor to learn everything. The basics like shifting gears, turning on the lamps, sign lamps, wiper, and maintaining the power of the battery, all you can learn by yourself.

The course will give you detailed knowledge of the traffic rules and symbols. This advantage is what makes learning by yourself very different from joining a course.

Screening for a good driving course

driving courseSome driving course provides free trial promo. Try to use it, and see if the instructor is helpful and makes you feel safe and comfortable or not. For example, driving lessons in Glasgow prioritize the safety of their potential students by offering insurance program if the student wants to drive his/her car during the practice. The programs they are selling are also authentic, like including ‘the attitude’ when encountering hazardous area, and the basic rules when driving on the highway.

Another thing to check during the trial is that if the instructor is confident enough when telling you what are your activities once you join with course. Course with a passive driving instructor is better to avoid.

Finding out how credible the program’s certificate is

Look for a course of which the certificate can at least make their students easier to get a driver-related part-time job. Try to get in touch with the alumni of the course. Even if that job is not your dream job, but boasting a little of your success in acquiring a new skill, driving, at your office can bring attention from the superiors.

Good driving courses commonly affiliate with an insurance company, and whoever the holder of the certificate is, he/she can get a leniency for paying the premium. This is one example, but driving courses near your have might have things that you normally overlook.…

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Follow These Three Suggestions to Improve Your Writing

Writing Tips

Good writing skill is essential in academic and professional life. Poorly-written ideas, no matter how innovative they are, will get easily overlooked or even discredited. For students, such a case can lead to a rejected research proposal or denied scholarship request. For professionals, the lacking of formal language fluency and lousy logical connections between ideas can ruin their professional reputation.

If you are one of them, here are three simple steps for you to improve your writing fluency.

1. Make the right draft of your writing

Cohesion essayBig chances are, we are all already accustomed to drafting using the linear method. A title is followed by subheadings and below them paragraphs then sentences. This technique directly resembles the structure of an essay but might be hindering us from generating ideas.

What a writer usually encounters when applying a linear ideas-structuring method is the notorious writer’s block situation. Hierarchy becomes the primary focus of linear structuring, which is necessary, but it should have been done later after there are enough ideas and concepts associated with the central topic.

The alternative to linear structuring is the brain-storming method. It forces our mind to generate as many ideas as we can think of that are related to one central idea.

The best way to generate ideas is by increasing our intake of detailed information. You should read the relevant news, journals, and essay near you. Details such as date, names, and places are essential for formal writing. They function as proofs of your central idea and its development.

2. Peer-review your draft

A good essay is a good essay because experts on the subject have given their acknowledgment, or at least the essay has followed the agreed writing-convention and has a relevant content addressing current issues. Peer-reviewing your draft can eliminate the possibility for your essays to be out of topic.

Make a list of some features from your writing that your reviewer need to address. For example:

  • On the Title
    Does it catch your attention?
    Is it relevant to the hot topics in the field?
  • On the Content
    Can you apprehend the main idea of the essay easily?
    Is the logical flow between ideas fluent enough?
    Are the sub-ideas relevant to the main idea?
  • Suggestion
    What to improve in this essay?

You can email your colleagues a commentary form based on the above features and evaluate their feedbacks and then select which improvement is necessary to apply.

3. Participate more in writing activities

Do not let your writing skill be rigid and isolated. There are many writing competitions and volunteer opportunity on the Internet. Challenge yourself to write in styles that you have never tried before.

Good GradeYou need to diversify your words and vocabulary. Although writing for a subject that is not within your expertise is not suggested, you still can expand your knowledge horizon by joining a collaborative writing project.

Participating in a project with multiple writers give you the opportunity to experience writing partially, based on the portion given to you. Such experience is valuable because many company projects and academic research require you to work co-operatively.


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How to prepare for a job interview

job opportunities

For football fans, we see when there is big match say ‘El Clasico’, we see the majority of the players probably arriving with headphones listening to their favorite tunes. Such an activity can be seen as a mental preparation for a huge task ahead. A job interview presents the ideal opportunity to have a distinct edge over the other fellow applicants and be on your employer’s good side. The tips on how to prepare for a job interview are:

Conduct an extensive research on the company’s profile and background

background check

As you attempt to understand the businesses offered and the kind of questions you will be asked, it is appropriate to conduct a research. In advance, you will be able to find out whether the company’s norms are really accommodative. Look into the company’s future goals and plans then weigh and try to see if you can be a good long-term investment. You can also try to see how the company compares with other organisations offering the same services.

Properly analyze the job

It is important to take your time and analyze the job opportunity if you have. More so, consider the skills attributes and professional qualities required that may be critical to the job success.

Prior research the people who will be conducting the interviews

You can go to the various online sites like Google plus and LinkedIn and review any connections you may have in common. Learning of your interviewers’ interests will make you easily establish a good rapport with them.

Anticipating for questions you might be asked

It is every person’s dream to give out well articulated and polished responses during an interview process. To avoid being caught off-guard with say difficult questions then properly anticipate for the questions you may be asked.

Practice a mock interview

Practising an interview will help structure your preparation as it will help you calm your nerves hence give you confidence. After the mock process then it is important to ask for a feedback regarding the mock interview.

Review whatever you post/share online

Employers have garnered the notion of reviewing applicants social media sites in order to gain an insight into the potential employee they may be dealing with. So most importantly delete any picture or information that may give an embarrassing or negative image to your prospective employer.

Dress appropriately for the interview

dress appropriately

You can ask or search for the appropriate general dress code for the company. You are at first judged by your physical appearance so it is important to be smart and neat. Arriving early for the interview is also a good way to anticipate for a job interview.…

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How to prepare for a job interview


Many people are jobless nowadays and finding a job is be the best thing that can happen to them. Currently a lot of individuals are looking for jobs in the newspapers and on the internet. They constantly send their curriculum vitae with the hope of securing a chance to work with an organization they desire. We have seen a lot of people turn up for an interview whenever a vacancy is advertised, but only a few people qualify for the job. If you send your resume and you get to be invited for an interview what are you supposed to do?  You need to know more about the company so that you can increase your chances of passing the interview. Even if it involves going to a third party, you should do so to get the job. Below are some tips on how to prepare for a job interview:

Do enough research


Since you are going for an interview, you should ensure that you have done enough research on the company. Nowadays most companies have social media pages where they have included a brief history of the company i.e what they do, the various departments they have, the services they offer, their mission, their promotions, and their culture. Apart from that, they may have a website where they have the same information too. It is good that you go through such information because you may be asked about it in your interview.


Study your resume

You should ensure that you know your resume inside-out. Carefully go through it and ensure that even if you are asked something about it, you will be able to answer without any hardship. It is not good for you to keep on referring to your resume when you are asked a question. The habit shows that the resume might be fake or the information therein is copied and not true. In fact, ensure that you write the resume yourself so that you know exactly what is in it.

Dress properly

When you are going for an interview, you are not going to a club or an outing. Ensure that you dress appropriately. In fact, before the day comes ensure that you go and buy the clothes that you will need for that day. Be neat and do not wear wrinkled clothes. It is good for you to know the type of company you are dealing with. If you are going to an interview in a bank, do not go there in sandals. You should put on official clothes like a suit.

Observe time

CVSurely do not mess yourself by coming late to the interview. If it is at 8:00 am, then ensure that you get to there by 7:30 am. This will give you enough time to relax and be comfortable before the interview begins. If you usually experience a lot of traffic in your area of residence, you need to wake up early and leave for the interview so as to make it on time.…

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How to study for an examination


If there is anything that scares most students is taking an examination. A lot of students fail to attend most of their lectures, and if they do so, they do not pay attention. Some take notes, but they never get to study them. They do not read at all. Most students use their time in hanging out with their friends and other leisure activities. To most students, the university is a moment of fun, and it is only a few who take their time to read. This way when the exams start, then everyone gets busy with their studies. Most students begin to apply rote learning also known as cramming. This is the worst method of reading because come the next day you are likely to forget some of the things you crammed. It is also not a good method because you cannot apply it in calculations. You have to understand the concepts and know where they are used. Below are some of the tips on how to study for an examination:

Start preparing early

man reading book

When you are preparing for your exam, it is good to ensure that you start as early as possible. When you prepare early, you give yourself a chance to understand the concepts and their application as early as possible. This is good because when the exam period approaches you will have less stress going through your notes. When you start your revision early, you get plenty of time to prepare for the exam.


Study regularly

It is good to familiarize yourself with the concepts. Do not look at your notes just once and lie to yourself that you are comfortable. When you revise regularly, you are likely to remember everything come the exam period. When you plan to have your studies three hours a day, you get the chance to do other activities, and you also get to improve your concentration ability.

Study for the exam

It does not mean that every time you study you are preparing for the exam. You can read to get an idea of what the course is all about. Studying for exams involves finding a place that is quiet, and also eliminating distractions like your phone, radio or laptop. You can even visit the library and look at the past papers to know how the exams are set and what to expect in the future.

Have enough sleep

Some people only sleep for a few hours during the exam period. This is not healthy at all. In fact, ensure that you rest for only eight hours so that you retain all that you have read. Reduce the rate at which you use your phone and computer during the exam period so that you can concentrate on the tests. Sleep early to prevent yourself from dozing off in the exam.


booksBefore you go to the exam room ensure that you are relaxed. When you panic you might misinterpret the exam questions or might forget what you have been revising and so it is good to know that the exam is just a normal process.…

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Le blog de Jerome Bondu

L’intelligence économique : des origines … à la pratique de demain !

Mardi 23 septembre 2008 à 19H15
le Club IES – AAE IAE de Paris
vous invite à la conférence-débat sur le thème:

L’intelligence économique : des origines … à la pratique de demain !
Animé par Jean-Pierre Bernat

[Télécharger l’annonce en PDF]

– A quand remonte les premières activités d’intelligence économique ? Le rôle des grands stratèges, Sun Tzu, Napoléon, …
– Pourquoi et comment le concept a émergé en France ?
– Quelles sont les perspectives d’avenir pour cette discipline ?

Jean-Pierre Bernat est chargé de mission en veille stratégique au Cirad.
Il fait partie (avec François Jakobiak, Pierre Achard, …) des précurseurs, qui dès les années 80 ont formalisé et structuré les activités de veille et d’IE. Sur le plan associatif, il a assumé différentes responsabilités dont celles de vice-président de l’ADBS et 1er vice président de SCIP-France.
Il est chargé de cours à l’ICOMTEC/Université de Poitiers et à l’ISTIA/Université d’Angers.

Il a écrit avec Pierre Achard « Intelligence économique, mode d’emploi » (ouvrage qui a été une des bibles en matière de pratique de l’IE), et coordonné la rédaction d’un ouvrage collectif dédié à la naissance de l’intelligence économique en France.

19h15 – 19h30 : Accueil des participants 19h30 – 20h30 : Présentation
20h30 – 21h00 : Débat avec la salle 21h00 – 21h50 : Cocktail dînatoire

Amphithéâtre de l’IAE de Paris – 21 rue Broca Paris 5ème
M° Censier Daubenton (ligne 7) – Plan d’accès.

Inscription uniquement en ligne à partir de l’agenda (en date du 23 septembre)
Tarif unique 10 euros (paiement en ligne ou par chèque).

Jérôme Bondu
Président du Club IES
Consultant indépendant en intelligence économique
par Jerome Bondu
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Samedi 21 juin 2008
Prochaine conférence du Club IES : Cyberguerre & Cyberterrorisme

Jeudi 3 juillet 2008 à 19H15 les Club IES & Club ESIEA
vous invitent à la conférence-débat sur le thème:
Cyberguerre & Cyberterrorisme : Etat des lieux
Animé par Eric Filiol, Eric Singer & Louis Jouanny

– Les nouveaux comportements nomades, leurs prolongements technologiques (utilisation de blackberries, notebooks, connections sans fils, connections en dehors de l’entreprise, …) et sécurité liée a ces utilisations.
– Les nouveaux visages de la cybercriminalité
– Les moyens de se protéger

Eric Filiol : expert en virologie et cryptologie opérationnelle, éditeur en chef du “Journal Of International Virology”, enseignant chercheur à l’ESAT (Rennes) et à l’ESIEA (Paris et Laval), auteur de plusieurs articles ouvrages sur les virus et la cybercriminalité.
Eric Singer : Responsable de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (RSSI) Grands Magasins Galeries Lafayette – BHV. Ancien responsable coordination et conduite de crise gouvernementale SSI au SGDN (DCSSI)*.
Louis Jouanny : Directeur Marketing Europe – Informatique Mobile – Fujitsu Siemens Computers.
Expert et pionnier en informatique mobile.

19h15 – 19h30 : Accueil des participants
19h30 – 20h45 : Présentation
20h45 – 21h00 : Question et Débat
21h00 – 21h50 : Cocktail dînatoire

Amphithéâtre de l’ESIEA
9 Rue Vésale
75005 Paris

Inscription uniquement en ligne
Gratuit pour les étudiants, personnels et anciens élèves de l’IAE et de l’ESIEA à jour de leur cotisation.
10 euros (paiement en ligne ou par chèque) pour les extérieurs.

Jérôme Bondu, Responsable du Club IES
Louis Jouanny, Responsable du Club ESIEA


* SGDN (DCSSI) : Secrétariat Général de la Défense Nationale (Direction Centrale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information).
Pour plus d’information, voir la revue de presse EICAR qui présente les intervenants [PDF 1,3 Mo], et voir le dernier post sur concernant le cybercrime.


par Jerome Bondu
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Vendredi 23 mai 2008
Comment implanter une culture de l’Intelligence Economique ?


Un de mes billets a récemment été publié sur le blog IE des Echos.

J’y traite de la manière d’implanter une culture d’IE en entreprise.

En voici le début …


Les récentes affaires qui ont présenté l’intelligence économique sous un jour négatif, rendent encore plus difficile l’implantation d’une dynamique d’IE dans une entreprise. Comment un chef d’entreprise convaincu du bienfait de l’IE peut-il la promouvoir sans éveiller les interrogations d’au moins une partie de ses salariés ?

Premier élément de réponse, il n’est pas nécessaire d’utiliser l’expression « intelligence économique » pour faire de « l’intelligence économique ». Cette discipline est transverse, et l’on peut inciter tous collaborateurs à améliorer la collecte, l’analyse, la diffusion, la sécurisation et la capitalisation des informations sans utiliser de « mots qui fâchent ».

Second élément de réponse : Il existe autant de méthodes pour mettre en place une culture IE, qu’il existe d’entreprises. Tout est affaire d’adaptation à la structure et à la culture de l’entreprise. Voici quelques exemples :

– Certaines entreprises pourront proposer des remerciements plus ou moins honorifiques pour les informations de valeurs qui seront remontées par des collaborateurs. D’autres vont institutionnaliser des remontées d’information hebdomadaire. Par exemple, en obligeant les cadres le vendredi après midi à remonter à leur N+1 les faits marquants de la semaine. Ces derniers vont faire de même à l’échelon supérieur et ainsi de suite jusqu’au plus haut niveau.

– Favoriser l’analyse n’est pas aisé. La mise en place sur l’intranet d’espaces collaboratifs peut y aider. Surtout si cela s’accompagne de la création de communautés de pratique, par métier, par fonction ou par projet.

– Dans le domaine de la sécurisation, un ancien directeur général d’une grande société raconte l’anecdote suivante : quelques-uns de ses directeurs avaient la fâcheuse manie de laisser traîner des dossiers sur leur bureau. Il a ramassé un soir tout ce qu’il a trouvé ! Puis il a attendu les réactions ! Certains sont venus signaler le « vol », d’autres pas … On imagine la suite !


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Jérôme Bondu
par Jerome Bondu
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Mercredi 30 avril 2008
Annonce conférence : Promouvoir et optimiser la veille

Je vous …

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