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With the high number of people who are unemployed and are seeking employment flooding the job market, it is important that when you are making any job application, you find a way to ensure that your application draws the attention of the recruiters. The first thing that you should do to make sure that your job application is successful is to get the basics right. You should make sure that all the sections of the job application form are filled as required, and that all additional documents that are essential have been attached, this may include your CV and other testimonials. Ensure that your documents reach the recruiter before the application deadline. However, due to the cutthroat competition that is in the job market, you will have to do more than this, let us look at what else you are supposed to do for your job application to be successful.

Do your research


To ensure that you make a good impression of yourself when you are making a job application, it is advisable that you do a bit of research on the company you are applying to. You are supposed to go the extra length and know as much as possible about the company you are making the application to. Make sure you know the projects that they are currently undertaking, the current issues in that sector and basically all the information that may be relevant to your job application.


Include your relevant skills and experience

In the application form, there is a section that will ask you to give your academic qualifications and your employment history. Here you are supposed to give all your qualifications that are relevant to the job. But when you are answering questions about your competencies, it entirely depends on you to choose what should or should not appear there. To ensure that you answer this section well, you are advised to read the job description properly while looking at the personal specifications carefully. Here you will clearly see the experience and skills that the employer wants, and hence you should put more emphasis on them when you are making your application. Remember to give specific examples of how you have gained your skills and some instances where you have used your experience to deal with a situation. Ensure that you are not vague and exclude any skill that you think is not relevant to that particular job.

Clearly, show your personality

It is advisable that you try as much as possible to show your personality by injecting some traits that portray your personality in the answers that you give. You should not emphasize on your employment history, and academic qualifications alone find a way that you can also bring out your personal interests.

Avoid common mistakes

If you want to make it through to the interview stage, there are many mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. One major one is providing generic answers through copy-pasting the applications that you have made before. Your answers should always be specific and tailor-made to suit the concerned job.

Sell your achievements

dgcgfcfgcgcgfcgfcSince this is the first contact opportunity with your potential employer, ensure that you seize the opportunity and bring out your achievements as much as possible. Include any achievement that you may feel is relevant to the work you are applying for.


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