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Follow These Three Suggestions to Improve Your Writing

Writing Tips

Good writing skill is essential in academic and professional life. Poorly-written ideas, no matter how innovative they are, will get easily overlooked or even discredited. For students, such a case can lead to a rejected research proposal or denied scholarship request. For professionals, the lacking of formal language fluency and lousy logical connections between ideas can ruin their professional reputation.

If you are one of them, here are three simple steps for you to improve your writing fluency.

1. Make the right draft of your writing

Cohesion essayBig chances are, we are all already accustomed to drafting using the linear method. A title is followed by subheadings and below them paragraphs then sentences. This technique directly resembles the structure of an essay but might be hindering us from generating ideas.

What a writer usually encounters when applying a linear ideas-structuring method is the notorious writer’s block situation. Hierarchy becomes the primary focus of linear structuring, which is necessary, but it should have been done later after there are enough ideas and concepts associated with the central topic.

The alternative to linear structuring is the brain-storming method. It forces our mind to generate as many ideas as we can think of that are related to one central idea.

The best way to generate ideas is by increasing our intake of detailed information. You should read the relevant news, journals, and essay near you. Details such as date, names, and places are essential for formal writing. They function as proofs of your central idea and its development.

2. Peer-review your draft

A good essay is a good essay because experts on the subject have given their acknowledgment, or at least the essay has followed the agreed writing-convention and has a relevant content addressing current issues. Peer-reviewing your draft can eliminate the possibility for your essays to be out of topic.

Make a list of some features from your writing that your reviewer need to address. For example:

  • On the Title
    Does it catch your attention?
    Is it relevant to the hot topics in the field?
  • On the Content
    Can you apprehend the main idea of the essay easily?
    Is the logical flow between ideas fluent enough?
    Are the sub-ideas relevant to the main idea?
  • Suggestion
    What to improve in this essay?

You can email your colleagues a commentary form based on the above features and evaluate their feedbacks and then select which improvement is necessary to apply.

3. Participate more in writing activities

Do not let your writing skill be rigid and isolated. There are many writing competitions and volunteer opportunity on the Internet. Challenge yourself to write in styles that you have never tried before.

Good GradeYou need to diversify your words and vocabulary. Although writing for a subject that is not within your expertise is not suggested, you still can expand your knowledge horizon by joining a collaborative writing project.

Participating in a project with multiple writers give you the opportunity to experience writing partially, based on the portion given to you. Such experience is valuable because many company projects and academic research require you to work co-operatively.


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